February 28, 2004

The Professor Called Again!

This time he wanted to know if I have copies of my black and white photographs of the Silver man Performances from the 1950’s here at THE BIG NEEDLE.

“Actually no,” I said. “I don’t have copies of any of my old black and white photographs from the 1950’s through 1980. What you see in Sanctuary is what you get.”

“You didn’t save your negatives. You never made duplicates or editions of any of your prints, Isaac?”

“I did save negatives, and they should all be in shoe boxes in one of the file cabinets. As far as multiple prints and editions, what was the need? I started the silver man performances out of a personal necessity. Who knew anyone would be interested in a crazy Pennsylvania Dutch man who walked around dressed in silver foil. By the time I realized that I had something other than outsider art, It was already 1980, and I thought, time sure can get away from you when you’re having fun. I have made duplicates and multiple editions of everything I’ve done since 1980, but not before.”

“That’s too bad. Some of the burned photographs are irreparable.”

“I just don’t understand how they could have been burned. Who would do such a thing. It would have to be someone in my own family.”

“I don’t know, Isaac. It could have been a fluke, like a fire started by sun light magnified through one of the sky lights and reflected off of one of your old glass bottles.”

“Some fluke. The entire house could have burned down.”

“Be that as it may, I have no way of replacing the damaged photographs. Is that correct?

“Did you go through the negatives?”

“Yes. I’ve dug through everything up there. Some of your negatives must be missing.”

“Isn’t it interesting that the negatives for the damaged and / or burned photographs are missing.”

“I’ve puzzled together some photographs from the torn pieces. Unfortunately others were burned too badly.”

“I’ll bet if you looked at all the photographs in order to see which family member is never in the photographs we’d know who burned the missing ones.”

“I’m just interested in getting everything cataloged so that others can easily find specific items in the collection.”

“So, once you’re finished, I could conduct my own little study to see if the culprit was burning only the pictures she, I mean, he or she was in.”


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