February 22, 2004

Anticipating Spring

The weather has been so-o-o-o-o-o beautiful the past 3 days. I know it can’t last. In fact, it’s colder today, but I WANT SPRING! January and the first week of February were horrible! It wasn’t the snow so much. We’ve had more of that. It was the cold, 19 days in the single digits in January. And, it rained and sleeted on the snow we did have until it became a solid 6” sheet of ice. It’s still not completely melted. Everyone here at THE MANOR is saying it’s not over until we have the onion snow, and that doesn’t come until April. I hope they’re all talking through their Pennsylvania Dutch hats, and that the actual weather has nothing to do with what groundhogs or people prescribe.

California’s Law that Defines Marriage as Between a Man and a Woman is Against the State Constitution!

So says the city of San Francisco. How appropriate that the city named after Saint Francis of Assisi has embraced the issue that is the basis for making lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons the equals of their heterosexual brothers and sisters. One must remember Saint Francis’ embrace of the leper, symbolically making the leper his equal.*

Of course MR. MUSCLE, has said that San Francisco must stop marrying gay men and lesbian women. What else would one expect? Ah well, I do think that history will see Mr. Schwarzenegger as a cultural anachronism, that is a 70's phenomenon transported but not necessarily transformed to fit into the 21st century (Dismissed!).

* Memorial Prayer Cards, ©1998 Phelan Design Studio, http://www.memorialprayercards.com/Pages/saintscardsnb.html (Viewed Saturday, February 21, 2004, 11:05 A.M. EST)

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