February 12, 2004

Go Kerry Go!


Can he beat Bush?

Varnastrama Visit

Last night I lay in bed worrying about the Bush Administration’s seeming ability to achieve anything it would like, including turning the USA into a Fascist state. I became increasingly agitated. Finally, frustrated, I closed my eyes and thought of my room in Varnastrama, the villa, the fields, my family, and Peter. I thought about the walk with Peter last week. We had walked through the chest high corn field behind the villa, and I pretended to breath in the green, corn stalk and dirt smells. I opened my eyes to see Peter staring at me, puzzled. “There,” he said. “You just did it again. You get that pinched and frustrated look in your face, and you seem to drift away and I guess you imagine yourself in that horrible Earth-land.”

“Yes,” I said. Horrible indeed. You don’t really want to know about it Peter.” And I continued, “Let’s walk toward the North border of the farm. I’d like to check on the apple orchard you’re starting.”

“There’s not much to see yet. The new trees won’t set fruit for two more years.”

“Still, I like to go there. It reminds me of another orchard, a very productive one, as yours will be one day.” We continued to walk through the hot July sunshine. Peter put his left hand on my right shoulder and my pulse increased, my heart literally skipping a beat.

“I love the summer,” Peter said. “And, I love you. I love the heat of the summer, and I love the heat I feel when I touch you. I still feel like a teenager whose fallen in love for the very first time, Isaac.”

“Sounds like a song title to me.”

“Isaac! You’re talking about that weird Earth-land, the one you claim to share with this one, where teenagers dance almost naked on an electric view box. You describe a civillization in which people are segregated into groups according to there sexuality and even their sex and then punished for being in the wrong group. In your USA, it’s leader, the Bush is invading foreign countries and behaving like “the New Rome.” And, it’s all because he wants to control oil. I don’t understand. Why not just use alternative energy sources; sun, water, wind? You’re imagination is sick. It’s a beautiful day, here, on this earth, Varnastrama. Don’t spoil it. Walk with me. Hold my hand. Don’t say anything. Just be with me.”

*Photograph taken from “Welcome to Senator John Kerry’s Online Office,” at “http://www.senate.gov/~kerry/bandwidth/home.html,” (February 12, 2004: 6:32 A.M. EST)

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