February 24, 2004

And What Pray tell is Ralph Nader Thinking About?


Oh well, I could go on and on, spouting venom, but what good would it do. It’s just a shame that he’s ruinied all the past work he accomplished for the critters in the ecosphere, as well as the American working people and consumers. When I was much younger, Mr. Nader was one of my heroes. Too bad!

' "It's a question between both parties flunking,'' Nader said on NBC's ''Meet the Press,'' where he chose to make his announcement. He asserted that ''it's time to change the equation and bring millions of American people into the political arena." '*

Well, this message is from one of the American people, Ralph. You’re on an ego trip, and we don’t want you. Get out of the sandbox and go home!

The Bush White House folk must be dancing in the west wing corridors. I picture a conga line. “Four more years, Uh! Four more years, Uh!”


I Thought this image appropriate though from FreeRepublic.com, “A Conservative News Forum.” The person who posted, Helms, on September 9, 2003 states “My take on this is that they fear Nader’s return in O4.”

Darn right, Mr. or Ms. Helms. This could get your Mr. Bush reelected. A prospect to horrible to think of for an old liberal Democrat like myself.

Education Secretary Rod Paige Calls the National Education Association a “terrorist organization” at a private meeting with the governors in the White House yesterday morning!

My grandson, Adam, is a teacher and a member of the NEA. My grandson loves teaching. He is not a terrorist as none of the members of the NEA are terrorists. Adam will go to work with his young charges today knowing that the highest office in education in the USA has labeled him a terrorist. Mr. Paige, your remark was rude and inappropriate!

* “Sam Hananel, “Ralph Nader Announces Run for Presidency,” AOL News, http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/elections/article.adp?id=20040220113109990001,
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