March 14, 2004


I hardly ever curse. However, Bush’s negative campaign ad flooding the media market is likely to make me do so. The statement that Kerry is proposing a $900 million dollar tax increase is simply a lie, and is one more piece of evidence that you can’t trust a word Mr. Bush utters. Karl Rove’s strategy - lie good, say it over and over, and your version becomes the new truth - surfaces once again. The sad thing is that these folks manage to convince themselves and the Republican Party in general that their inaccurate versions of the world are true.


And, the truth is...

Iraq Body Count

The number of Iraqi deaths attributed to this war that is not a war is estimated at somewhere between 8000 and 10,000, and the American death toll is over 560. Of course, we know that Iraq bodies are not as important as American bodies.

Train Bombs

I have been reading about this thing with horror and disgust, and I swear I woke up last Friday morning feeling as though something were dreadfully wrong. I don’t normally make claims to have extra sensory perception, and I’m not doing so now, but, the evil of this terrorist action is, I believe, directly palpable. How is it possible for human beings to think that by killing and maiming hundreds and thousands of other human beings, they will be rewarded in heaven? I’m beginning to think that some cultures, our own included, have parts that are like cancer, and that they should and must be removed by whatever means necessary. The surgical act should be done as expediciously as possible before metastasis spreads the cancer throughout the entire culture, destroying it from within.

Never the less, one does not remove such cancers from within by attacking other bodies. By definition, that is a terrorist act and can not be condoned. Instead, one must start by investigating one’s own corpus.

We will be attacked by terrorists again, the question is not when, rather it is two fold - who will the attackers be, and how will they attack? The billions Mr. Bush is spending on the Iraq “unwar” should be spent on preparing to defend our nation from terrorist cancers planted within our own borders. The Arab world will, given time and our absence, be able to recognize its own disease.

I Had a Dream...

last night. Or was it a dream? That is the question. It was so real, like Varnastrama is real. It felt as though the space in which I found myself was actual because I could see in color and 3 dimensions in great detail. I could smell the trees, plants, and mold, and I could feel the damp night mist settle on my face. Upon waking I named the place Bushworld, because I knew deep in my gut that it’s horrors were the direct result of Mr. Bush’s foreign and domestic policies including his constitutional amendment that would legalize descrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons.

In the dream, I was running from the police. They were in flying vehicles that made no sound, but sprayed me with light from above. Their amplified voices filled the air, and seemed to come from all points of the compass.

“Homosexual, stop! To run is futile. You will be shot if you continue to run. Stop, now!”

I awoke covered with sweat.

* image acquired from Blood for Oil, “” (Viewed Saturday, March 13, 2004, 11:09 A. M. EST)

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