March 20, 2004


I had another one of those dreams in which I’m running and the police are chasing me. Only, it’s not me. I mean, I’m somebody else. I’m young and I’m healthy, and my name is Stephen Gulliver. Last night I got away from them for the first time. Usually I wake up as they are about to capture me.

Interjected April 12, 2004 - Stephen has become a regular part of my life, and he now has his own journal. It is located at "Straight World"All of his entries are being removed from my journal and placed in his.

Dinner with Ruth and Samuel

The professor was there! Other than that, or perhaps, because of him, it was tense. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t like the man! He wanted to know why the first Varnastrama Journal is so damaged.

“It’s ripped apart, Isaac! How did that happen?”

“If memory serves me, Henry, our Golden Retriever got into Sanctuary, summer of 72. I had forgotten to lock the door when I went downstairs to get something to eat. I got back to sanctuary with a plate full of liverwurst and onion sandwiches and there lay Henry in the center of Sanctuary, right in front of my easel, chewing on the mangled notebook.”

“It’s just too bad. Page after page is missing, and half of what’s left is unreadable.”

“Asi es la vida,” I said.

The professor and Ruth exchanged glances at that point. I’d say that they might be having an affair, but I can’t imagine what Ruth would find at all interesting in the professor. He’s so straight laced, and prim, and too neat, and... Oh well, I just don’t like anything about him. But, something’s going on.

Tilly Fainted...

last night at our weekly “Prickly Needle” social. She fell flat out on the floor and struck her head on a table leg. She was bleeding like a stuck pig, but the nurse on duty was able to stop the bleeding with ice and pressure before the ambulance arrived.

This morning I went to the “Big Needle” dining room for breakfast instead breakfasting in my apartment because I hoped that there might be news about Tilly. There was plenty of talk and rumor, but no actual announcement has been made as to what happened. So, after I finished eating I went to the front desk, and inquired about Tilly. Mrs. Crump, she's the nicest of the ladies that mans (or should I say "persons") the front desk said that Tilly was Okay.

"I understand that she ate breakfast this morning, and is scheduled for tests this afternoon."

I asked, “What kind of tests?”

“At this point we don’t know, Isaac.”

“Can she have visitors?”

“Oh yes.” But I’d wait until this evening or tomorrow, because she will be out of her room most of the day today.”

I thanked Mrs. Crump and headed back to my apartment to write this entry.

Have a good one, dear Journal.

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