March 24, 2004

FBI Followed Kerry’s Every Move

J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI had Kerry under heavy surveilance during the Nixon years in the White House. We know about Kerry’s war record in Vietnam. But, Kerry intimated that these old records were dug up by Republicans at this time to discredit him. It appears that Kerry led the group "Vietnam War Veterans Against the War," and that the FBI monitored them for about a year, concluding that they were citizens protesting within the law. Kerry eventually decided he could do more to end the war by running for public office.

The Los Angeles Times, in a story published Monday, cited FBI documents indicating the bureau spent a year monitoring the activities of the group... After returning from Vietnam, where he commanded a swift boat and won honors that included three Purple Hearts, Kerry became a leader of the group, thus coming under FBI scrutiiny.

Well, which-ever Republican group dug this one up, I want to thank you, because this information shows Kerry to be a man of convictions. He did what he had to do in Vietnam, and came home to fight valiently to end that tragic war. On the other hand, the national experience of Vietnam seems to have prepared us not at all for G. W. and the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
Should we keep Mr. Bush, who “sort of” had a military career, who has embroiled us in a disasterous 23rd crusade? Does the USA desearve this president who has neither solved the problem of terrorism in the USA and the world, nor saved us from a freightening economic downward spiral, and the loss of millions of jobs?

Let me put it this way, do you and I desearve this man of the oil oligarchy who has lied to us about Saddam Hussain and WMD?

And I’ll answer my rhetorical question. NO! We do not desearve G.W. Bush!

I want a president who will take care of the job at hand, that is reconstruct the Iraq we destroyed, then fight to end this occupation, and remove us from Iraq at the earliest possible time with whatever honor that can be gathered from a situation in which we have no honor.

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