May 08, 2004

I have but four things to say about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s Testimony

Five, if you count the Bosh Illustration

  1. He knew about this situation but had not looked at the pictures for months!

  2. See my May 4th Journal Entry, Titled “What Did We Expect?”

  3. This entire misbegotten invasion is an poorly conceived adventure engineered by this president, his cabinet, the Oil Oligarchy, disguised with fundamentalist Christian rhetoric “that will go down in infamy.” Please excuse the parallel to President Roosevelt's announcement concerning the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor.

  4. Abu Ghraib should be shut down and leveled.


I will have more to say on the subject as the Defense Secretary continues to mishandle the situation.

Writing About Art

It seems that I have not been doing enough of that lately. Look for me to do so soon, dear Journal.

Visiting Varnastrama

When was the last time I did that. It's time for me to take a vacation and bed down with Peter.

*Escher Art Collection, “,” (viewed May 8, 2004, 9:33 A.M. EDT)

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