May 07, 2004

Things I Need to do to Plan My New Life

    1. E-mail “Palms of Manasota” (Gay and Lesbian Retirement Home) because I’ve lost their folio of materials.
    2. Visit my lawyer and change my will. You know who is out.
    3. Open a new bank savings account and switch funds into it for possible purchase of property and car.
    4. Buy a new car (Auta Mobilita is 6 years old and won’t be up to the trips to Florida she has to make during the next year.).
    5. Actively shun Ruth.
    6. Start cleaning out closets and loose the junk.
    7. Don’t think ugly thoughts about George Bush.
    8. Stop obsessing about the war in Iraq so often.
    9. Stop obsessing about the Bush deficit.

* “Goal Setting and Life Planning Events,” Goals Guy Learning Systems Inc., (viewed April 6, 2004, 6:46 P.M. EDT)

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