May 23, 2004

American War Deaths in the Eight Hundreds!

Notice we no longer say post war, or Iraqi reconstruction related deaths. The war did not end with cocky Mr. Bush strutting on an aircraft carrier in May 2003. Instead, our young people are being killed by the hundreds, and blamed for military / clandestine government programs to torture Iraqi civilians (which THE PENTAGON is managing to wiggle out from under). Shame! Shame! Shame!

Bush the Frog Blower-upper

Visit "Hightower: Bush the ‘Warrior," at for the explosive details.

And, that’s all I have to say about Mr. Bush and Iraq today.

Moving right along.

I Channel a Guy From 2024

Be sure to read “Straight World,” the adventrues of Stephen Gulliver at

See what the world will actually be like post Mr. Bush’s second term in office.

Pray he doesn’t win the election next November.

Looked at Toyota’s SUV Yesterday

I spent about an hour and one half at our local Toyota dealer yesterday afternoon. I test drove the RAV4. It was too noisy. Also, it was bumpy, and didn’t have enough room inside. I had wanted to check other dealers, but I hadn’t taken my age into account. I was exhausted and so I drove back to the BIG NEEDLE in good old Auta Mobilita, parked, staggered into my apartment, crashed, and napped.

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