May 25, 2004

Nothing New in Mr. Bush’s Address Last Night

Not one new proposal for how to finish what we so foolishly started in Iraq!

Abu Ghraib Won’t Go Away

As a gay man, I’m alarmed that my government used my sexual orientation as a weapon in this ill advised war on Iraq. I wrote in detail about my reaction to the prison abuse scandal on April 30, 2004. Last night, after watching Mr. Bush’s speech I read an article in The Advocate by Patrick Moore titled “Weapons of mass homophobia” in which Mr. Moore details his very similar reaction to the prison abuse scandal. Last night I also watched the military give Mr. Bush a standing ovation at the end of his speech and I thought, “this is our worst nightmare!” We have a military leadership gone mad with power, and, their Commander in Chief, a man who would write a 28th Amendment to our Constitution that will make lesbian and gay Americans second class citizens. The though of such an abuse of the constitution of the United States - a document designed by the forefathers of our nation to provide for our freedom - almost makes me ill.

Mr. Bush has got to go!

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