September 03, 2007


Granddad’s car has been found. It is one month since his disappearance, and several children who telephoned the police yesterday discovered his Saturn VUE. The car was near Sarasota, Florida, on cinder blocks and stripped. The State Police said there was no blood in the car and there was no evidence of foul play. But, there it was, an empty, ruined Saturn, and no Isaac. Of course, my reaction is that the stripped car found 150 miles from Isaac's home is evidence of foul play. The police say that it was stipped because Isaac abandoned the car. Instead, I ask - did he abondone the car willlingly?

I’ve talked with Granddad’s lawyer by telephone and he said that disposing of Granddad’s estate would be a protracted process. Nothing can be disposed of until it is demonstrated that he (God, this sounds terrible!) is dead. The process is further complicated because another legal assumption must be met. Legally, a missing person is presumed to be alive, and that presupposition is called “the assumption of the continuance of life.” In the case of missing persons, a thorough search must be completed, and it can take many years before the courts are willing to declare the person “missing and presumed to be dead.” The process can take up to seven years. Also, anyone, namely Mother, who wishes to dispose of, and or acquire possessions of Granddad’s must either have him declared missing and presumed dead or have legal power of attorney. Since Granddad had granted power of attorney to me last year, and since I am named executor of his will, I am the only person who can legally begin the proceedings, and / or dispose of his estate. So, it would appear that I am in control of this process, and I do not intend to allow anyone to sell Granddad’s condominium and dispose of his possessions until I am satisfied that he is no longer living.

I know Mother will be difficult. I know my father will go to bat for her. I know we may end up not speaking for a time. However, I’m just going to do what I must and let the mother machine be a witch if she will.


Blogger Anji said...

I think that no news would have been good news in this case.

I'm so glad he gave you power of attorney - I'm surprised at how quickly your mother wants to sort his things out.

I know that it is your granddads birthday in a few days - lets hope he turns up for that!

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi - its Met 9 not a super regular - but someone thats commentd a few times ) - i wonder hanve they looked in the shelters and mental hospitals ? we dont have many mental institutions here - but wouldnt be a bad place to look ..... and most def shelters .. a suggestion is all ... if its been done ... then please excuse this post s being pushy ... please know i pray for him ... and for your family ... i will check back when i can


12:34 AM  
Anonymous Adam said...

I'm sure the police have checked institutions such as hospitals and shelters locally and in Sarasota, but I will ask.

Thank you both for your comments over the years, and your concern now.


9:47 AM  

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