August 28, 2007

Still Nothing

My students are back this week, until Friday. We will all be off four days for the holiday. Of course, it’s maniacal at school. Start up always is - new forms to complete every day - both for the students, their families, faculty and staff. Every school administrator is required to take a course titled “Forms 101,” when completing Masters requirements, and the first thing the professor teaches in that course, rule #1 is, “Thou shall have your secretary design at least one new form every week.”

One of my personal stumbling blocks is learning all my new student’s names. I play name games in every class ostensibly so students can learn one another’s names quickly. Never the less, I hope they don't know that Mr. Stolzfuts struggles just as much as they do - perhaps more so. Of course I’ve given two assignments in every class already, so I end up correcting and grading papers every evening because I insist on immediately returning papers –else how’s a student to learn new material? Each student must know as soon as possible what he/she reported correctly and incorrectly – as well as misspelled words, improper syntax and grammar, and so on. Well, I guess I could continue this diatribe on the problems of a science teacher at the beginning of the school year. However, that is not my purpose, and this is not my journal.

I have nothing much to report concerning Granddad at this time. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office and Florida State Police have finally put out a missing person’s report on Isaac. I will try to continue updating, perhaps once a week.

Thank you everyone, for your messages of concern.


Blogger Anji said...

You do seem to have plenty to do at the moment - it must be hard with your Granddad on your mind too. I don't teach anymore but I appreciate the name problem at the beginning of the year. The thing that upsets me now is that when I go through old lists and photos of classes I can't remember who they were!

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Yes, already I find that to be the case with class pictures from my first two years of teaching. Some of the faces in the photographs draw a blank, and that is such a shame. I wish I had a perfect photographic memory, and that every scrap of personal information about those young people would stay with me forever.

9:00 AM  

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