December 21, 2006

Christmas Trip

Ruth and Samuel called last night to tell me that I have electronic tickets to fly home for Christmas. I leave today and return to Florida on the 29th of December. I packed like a mad man last night, and I leave for the airport in an hour. I’m still a bit weak as I am recovering from pneumonia. However, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Abraham and his wife, Naomi will be there, as will Sam Jr. and his wife, Nichole, along with their children, Amy and Terrance. The visit should be most interesting because Adam and his partner, Stephen will drive me to Lancaster County from New Jersey from the Philadelphia airport. You see, Abraham and Naomi are evangelical Christians. Not only are Adam and Stephen living an evil life style that will surely send them both straight to hell, but I myself, Abraham’s father, a self-proclaimed gay man will also go straight to hell upon my demise. I have promised Ruth that I will be a good father, and that I will not bring the issue to a head. Never the less, this may well be a most stimulating visit.

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