July 28, 2004

Political Interlude

Democratic Convention: Day 2


Last night I listened to Theresa Hines Kerry, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, and Ron Reagan speak to the convention delegates and I can say enthusiastically that I am so proud to be a Democrat. Obama is a marvelous, thoughtful public speaker, and a rising political star. Hines Kerry was almost beatific. I don’t get the negative hype. Ron Reagan’s plea for non partisan help to undo the ban against stem cell research was just that, non partisan. Scripted or not, these are the ideals and values I have thought historically reflect the actual American spirit. They are the opposite of the divisive politics the Republican Party, the United States Congress, and the unholy triumvirate (Cheny, Ashcroft, Bush) have been espousing during the past four dark years.

It’s time for closet democrats everywhere to come out and speak out!

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