June 30, 2004

The Observatorium: Part II

At least part of my intent in writing my on line journal was to put my life, my self, my politics, my art, and my comments about all of these before the public, or at least that portion of it that is on line regularly. I had hoped to find others that share my interests, and that these people might write discourse about the Varnastrama Journals, my art, and my “self” as I portray it on line. So, my goal was tangentially similar to artists Van de Camp, Dekker, and Reufelinsberger, The Observatorium, in that I had hoped to create a body of discourse about my inspection of my “self.” However, at this point in time I receive e-mail from only 2 persons who make comment on my journal entries occasionally. The only other e-mails are answers to my inquiries concerning the use of images or quotes within my journal from other sources. Thus, I receive no enlightenment through the gaze of others.

In May of this year, Blogger the host for my journal established a “comments” area that is located at the bottom of each entry. Unfortunately, the section which appears highlighted in red in my journal says “ 0 comments,” not “please write a comment here,” or “post your comments here.” Thus, to date I have received no comments on any entry through this misleading Blogger comments tool. I have written blogger about the problem and received a form e-mail thanking me for my comment about “comments.” May I say “Raspberry” to that!

I have arrived at a quandary. After nearly a year of writing in this cyber journal, I wonder about its efficacy. If, as appears to be the case, it is not at all capable of generating comment about my “self,” myself (These last two are not necessarily always one and the same.), my life, my work, my politics, there's no point to doing it. I could be spending the hours it takes to write these entries making visual art. After all, I especially enjoy working “virtually” with the Adobe suite of software on computer. It is the perfect set of tools for me as my arthritic shoulders and elbows are not required to perform in the ergonomically unsound repetitive motion (arm and hand swinging) as when I paint and / or draw in the actual physical world.
I also need to move on my search for a gay retirement community, and I want to check out THE PROFESSOR’S museum where all my journals and art work have been stashed thanks to my lovely daughter, Ruth (I use the word “lovely” facetiously). Both of these goals will require travel, and I will be away from my computer for weeks at a time. Perhaps it is time to give up on my “cybervoid” journal.

Write me!

Convince me that I am not spinning my energy out into the “cybervoid,” or for that matter, that the “cybervoid” is only a crazy notion of mine. *2

* “Letters from Voltaire,” Voltair Society of America, “http://humanities.uchicago.edu/homes/VSA/” (Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 12:41 P.M. EDT)

*2 For a thorough understanding of my idea about the “cybervoid,” see my journal entries for September 29, 2003, and October, 1, 2003,

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E-mail me at ZacSfuts@aol.com., or click on the comments section below. It is erroneously labeled “0 comments.”


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