July 31, 2004

The Party's Over


Now that the Democratic Convention is over there are several observations I would like to make.

  1. John Kerry made a good speech. He was stiff as always, but he warmed up as he went and became quite impassioned toward the end.

  2. Being patrician and / or from an old upper crust family should not be viewed as negative. So many Republican and Democratic pundits have stated so concerning Kerry’s lineage that I want to vomit. Lest we forget, "G Dubya’s" lineage is just as crusty though you’d never know it listening to him talk. It should be kept in mind that the best of old patrician families have histories of social and political involvement with dedication to helping others to achieve in our society.

  3. I gained an understanding from the convention about the party’s platform that I like tremendously. It is that diversity is welcome here. Division is not.

  4. Corollary to that is the idea that religion should inform one’s behavior, and need not be worn on one’s shoulder, and that specifically Christian practice should be used to unify, not to divide us.

Overall, I enjoyed watching my party reclaim it’s heritage as the party of the people; the party that brings social change, the party that unifies, and the party that stands for the United States of America’s actual moral base of values.

*The waving flag came from Matthew O’Malley’s home page and is documented below.

* “News 10 Printalbe American Flag,” News10, “http://www.news10.net/public/american-flag.htm” (Saturday, July 31, 2004, 10:16 AM EDT)

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