November 03, 2003

At Least 16 More American Soldiers Died in Iraq Yesterday

If only you would read this Mr. President and take it to heart. If only I weren’t just spinning this out into the cyber void (CV). If I had a direct line to your office, Sir, I would tell you that It is time to negotiate a multinational United Nations led force to go to Iraq to finish this nasty business. The USA would withdraw all but a small portion of its troops and would give up the right to direct the reconstruction effort in Iraq. You, of course would refuse. But I would know that I had been able to speak directly to you.

Staying the Course!

    1. The USA will continue to play the part of THE EVIL EMPIRE in a game that looks increasingly like Vietnam. No, it is not like Vietnam, the number of American dead is not in the thousands. The American soldier death rate is only in the hundreds as people in your administration have been saying.
    2. However, notice the word ONLY. Read out loud with me, Sir. “The number of American dead is only in the hundreds.” Do you hear how horrible that sounds to all of us who have children and/or grandchildren or whose friends have children and/or grandchildren fighting this war over OIL.
    3. OIL is the problem, not terrorism. The Twenty-first century is being taken away from my children and grandchildren as I write, because you did not have the sense to pursue The War on Terrorism in a more appropriate manner. It is being taken away because “black gold” has blinded the Texas oil oligarchy to the necessity of reducing our dependence on oil as part of any REAL war on terrorism.

The Consequences!

The consequences of staying with the course will possibly be like those for that luxurious behemoth, Titanic in 1912, driven into the hidden cutting edge of a monstrous iceberg because she was thought to be unsinkable.

It is, in fact, a cold night in April and our look-out is having difficulty seeing through the hoary mist. As the hour approaches midnight, not but a thousand feet ahead, the jagged shape looms out of the fog, towering above his head. He radios the captain. The turn about order is given. Is it too late?

I pray that we are able to keep this ship afloat.

My Christian God is a Loving God

My God is shaking his head and shedding tears over this war. He is upset because we have entered on a new crusade. He knows how the medieval crusades ended.

"How did they end Isaac?"

Well, God, they ended with the Muslim East hating the Christian West, and the Christian West hating the Muslim East.

"That's true," God says. "So, Why repeat that mistake?"

End Conversation

If you truly pray for peace as you say, Mr. President, you will do as I have suggested, and put an end to this travesty.


I am not so foolish as to think that the president and his cronies are going to listen to an 84 year old gay retired farmer artist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Even if they did read my blog. I am just spinning my wheels, so to speak. Ah, well...

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