October 22, 2003

Where’s Ruth?

I haven’t seen or heard from Ruth since our argument over the Scott Merritt mixed media pieces. That’s probably not a good thing. Who knows what self serving scheme she’s cooking up. I don’t like feeling paranoid about my own daughter, but I can’t help it. I gave her too much power over my life when I allowed her and James to take over Orchard Hill Farm. I don’t begrudge them living there, after all it had become too much for me to take care of. However, I realize now that I should have cleared Sanctuary (my studio) out and stored everything, because Ruth has always resented my Silver Man Performances, and she has repeatedly opined that she thinks my imagination has born evil fruit in Varnastrama. However, I’m tight and the thought of spending $1500.00 a year for storage prevented me from doing it

I can’t believe it’s cool to say “cool” again!

How often have variations on that word come and gone.? Remember a few years ago, dear Journal, when everything was cauh-oo-oo-l. I don’t understand a lot of the newest jargon because I don’t hear it often enough. I need to spend more time with my great grand children! The last time I was with Abe’s children and I used the term “sweet” meaning cauh-oo-oo-l, I was told “that word’s not cool, Grandpa.” Nobody uses it anymore.”

Well, what can I say? “D-u-u-u-h!”

Speaking of Cool...

Weather’s getting colder - this afternoon the temperature is to be colder than it is now at 6:00 in the morning here in God’s country. The folliage is starting to look great though.

I’m taking Sally and Stan to their doctor’s today. They’re going together now, but nobody’s supposed to know. The heterosexual intrigues around THE BIG NEEDLE are sometimes underwhelming.

So is this entry. I promise to be more interesting next time, dear journal.

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