October 08, 2003

Can the CIA Manufacture WMD?

You bet-cha! David Kay of the CIA said in his report to congress last week that he thought they would find scud missiles and/or WMD because they have examined only 10 of 130 sites so far, and, that 26 of these are critical. He also said that a complete report would be available in 6 to 9 months. I for one, will be pleased and also somewhat mystified if the weapons in question aren’t suddenly found at one of these sites. Actually I’m surprised that they haven’t turned up during the past 5 months. I guess I’m just a skeptic. I think this administration wished to initiate a new era of American Imperialism for whatever twisted and self serving reasons. So, now we reap the benefits.

WMD oh where, oh where can you be?

Haifa Suicide Bomber

Nineteen dead, and fifty-five persons injured in a restaurant in which arabs and jews broke bread together - a symbol of hope. I wonder how its possible for a human being to become so demented that he/she/they are capable of such evil, and I am constantly amazed and appalled at the evil mankind is capable of. Just look at the 19 men who destroyed themselves and killed thousands of innocent men women and children on 911. The creator, should he/she exist in any way remotely as we humans envision him/her does not sanction murder, I’m sure. And, if She/He did, she/he would be a god to whom I personally would be incapable of responding! The suicide bomber in Haifa was a women which proves what second wave feminists have been saying all along. A woman can certainly be in possession of the phallus which is not the same as saying, “Boy does she have balls!”

Of course the fact that the greatest democracy on earth has invaded and destroyed a small, not very powerful, foreign nation supposedly to prevent terrorist activity is in itself an act of terror. And, the fact that we are oil gourmands and in need of Iraq's oil reserves (one of the largest in the world) had nothing to do with it - right?

Each and every one of us is responsible for allowing our president to raise the bar of world wide terror one very large notch higher.

Well, that’s soap box speech number 198. I’m done now.

He's So Good Looking! He's So Young!

I'm talking about the new Tarzan, Travis Fimmel. He's WB's John Clayton on Sunday nights at 9:00 P.M. I understand that a billboard in London actually had to be taken down because the picture of Travis was causing traffic problems. I missed the first show, but you better believe I'm going to watch it next week just to see if it's any good. Of course, the eye candy is important, especially if they have Travis expose his upper torso. But, if the plot is weak, that's it. I also have concerns about our cultural preoccupation with youth. This kid is practically a child. Why not choose a mature Tarzan, someone in his 30's, or even 40's? Some men, and women actually get better looking as they age. Some of us, myself excluded, actually manage to hold onto some of our good looks well into old age. Look at Paul Newman. Mr. Fimmel should be lucky enough to age as well as Paul Newman because that actually takes some work over the course of decades as well as a continually positive approach to life.

Arnold's Back!

Yes indeed! California has a new Hitler loving, woman groping governor. Anything goes, at least in California.

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