September 27, 2003

And, now we return to our normal programing.

I Do Go On Again: or the End of Love, Spirituality, and Sex

Sounds like a good old 1950’s rock and roll song.

I do go on again.
I do go on and on.
Do-be-do- I - do.

That last series of entries dated 9/13/03 through 9/23/03 was a full lunch menu, plus dinner, and a bed time snack. How many days did I spend writing about those artists? And, it’s not the End of Love, Spirituality, and Sex. There are many more artists whose work relates to my concerns in creating the Silver Man and the alternate reality I live in, Varnastrama. I wish people were reading these entries dear journal, because I would be so encouraged if people would begin to think of their sexuality as it relates to their love(s), and their spiritual lives. I believe that only when each and every one of us think about the relationships between these layers of ourselves and the relationship of these to our conscioousness will our culture begin to mature. Only then will prejudices against all the sexualities of which we are capable (regardless of our sex and/or gender) be ended.

So, you can bet I’ll write you more about these things another time dear Journal.

Eight Elderly Burned to Death!

I just read an article about this horrible nursing home blaze in Nashville, TENN.

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