September 21, 2003

Love, Spirituality, and Sex III

Attila Richard Lukacs takes Barney’s ideation about the limitations imposed by male versus female sexual roles into another realm entirely. In an article titled “Attila Richard Lukacs at Phyllis Kind,” David Bourdon wrote about Lukacs’ painting, Lotus Series, #5 (Bourdon,David. “Attila Richard Lukacs’ at Phyllis Kind,” Art in America Feb. 1996: 121). He described the work as simultaneously onanistic and spiritual.

I have not been able to find any of the lotus Series images on the web, though I am including two links; one, to the artist’s biographical web site, and two, an article by Eugenio Filice which is a distilled bio of the artist in the “glbtg” (Encyclopedia of Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer Culture). Instead of a visual link to the painting I shall describe it. Lotus Series, #5 depicts a spiritual experience which is based on the belief that there is a vital, animating force within all living beings, as opposed to a religious experience which implies the belief in a supernatural power that exists outside of individuals, but in the universe. In the painting, a young man is seated cross legged, meditating, though balanced precariously on the base of the spine. The image is visually provocative and disturbing because the figure seems to be on the verge of falling. If, however, I turn the painting on its side, I see that the figure is presenting itself in the receptive and passive sexual position. At the same time, the hands are placed above the head, and they lead my eyes to the cranium, seat of thought, and of fantasy. Thus, the painting refers to an Eastern understanding of sexual expression that includes the spiritual, and it demonstrates the artist’s vision of spiritual and sexual integration through a masturbatory practice. In Lukacs' world, sexuality includes spiritual identity.

Fall Equinox

The sun is directly over the Earth’s equator today. It’s fall, the season of old age. Why don’t I feel good about that? It’s certainly better than winter, the season of death.

I know that I definitely want to move somewhere warm. I don’t want to feel winter rattling around in my old bones anymore.

And that reminds me, there is an article in my new Advocate magazine about Rainbow Visions Retirement Community in Santa Fe, New Mexico, p. 17, “Retirement Breaks New Ground,” in the September 30, 2003 issue. Of course New Mexico isn’t the warmest climate. But the place looks wonderful!

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