September 13, 2003

I do go on!

I’ve been reading back over my entries for the month. That was such a long winded academic sounding diatribe on September 4th. Its got to be a reaction to the professor’s archeological dig in my studio. He talks about “ the psychology of my work and “the psychology of gay male art,” “the position of my art in relationship to other gay male art, the second feminist wave,” ad infinitum, ad nausium! I guess I was just trying to show that there is a cosmology to my art, and that I have thought about it. It’s not just an accidental body of outsider work that was created by this now old gay Pennsylvania Dutch man.

I have my bridge group today at 10:00 AM., Other than that, I have to do the following.

My TO DO List

1. white laundry
2. dust the living room
3. vacuum the living room
4. groceries for the next week

I like to get the living room cleaned on Saturday. Then I don’t have to worry about it during the week. Ruth gets upset if its dusty or if I leave books and magazines stacked on the coffee table or end tables next to the couch.

Two Johns Dead

Sounds awful put that way. Sorry, I didn’t mean it. Though I have never liked Johnny Cash’s voice, I know that he is an icon of Country and Western music. For millions, his death is of momentous importance. As to John Ritter - dead at age 54 - how horrible! At least he died doing what he loved best. However, it is so sad for the rest of us, to lose someone so young, vital, and visible in our society.

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