August 30, 2003

RainbowVisions is Gone, Two!

I want to move!
I want to leave this straight old folks home.
I want to be "out" (openly gay) all the time!

These straight old farts drive me crazy. All they talk about is sex! Sex is Okay, but it’s the wrong kind of sex - at least for me. Even my friends that I’m out to assume I’m interested in their straight (heterosexual) intrigues and assignations.

Everyone here is so religious. Not spiritual, religious. There’s a difference. One minute they're talking about Next Wednesday’s bible study group - we meet at 7:00 P.M., right after dinner - the next, about “James is humping Myrtle.”

Well, maybe they don’t say “humping,” but they might as well.

Anyway, back to square one. I’m going to do a search on line for “gay and lesbian retirement community,” and I’m going to e-mail the Advocate Magazine’s on line site. If I don’t get an e-mail back, I’ll make a telephone call. If I can’t find another gay and lesbian retirement community, I’ll scream!

No I won’t. I’ll start my own. In order to avoid all those federal, state, and local restrictions, I’ll say I am running a boarding house for “sophisticated” gay and lesbian seniors. Hopefully the designation “sophisticated” will attract some people who can discuss an array of subjects; The Arts, philosophy, Sexuality (Not Sex!), Women's Studies and Feminism, and more. I know that within the sub population, “gay and lesbian people” there are all types of people, just as in the larger population; conservative, liberal, kind, stupid, intelligent, average, jocks, jerks, intellectuals, and so on. Jocks would be Okay, but I don't want any jerks. I have to deal with them driving every day -people who don't use signals, go through stop signs, park in the middle of the road to let off passengers - and shopping - leave their shopping cart in the middle of the isle, stand in the middle of the isle talking, save places in line, and so on, ad infinitum, ad nausium.

Wish me luck, journal!

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