August 15, 2003

My Twin on Varnastrama

I was interrupted Wednesday by Jim who stopped by my apartment because he needed a partner for Bridge. It Seems Peter his usual partner is sick, has a stomach virus, poor fellow.

As I was saying then, my twin Isaac doesn’t know what has transpired on Earth, just as I don’t know what has happened to him on Varnastrama while I’m here. Our two identities coexist in one body when I’m there. We’ve discussed what it feels like to have two people inside one body and we both agree that at times it feels as though we are one person talking to himself accept that while I’m with him I am aware of all his thoughts and I feel and see everything exactly as he does. He knows I’m there and has gotten used to my presence though I know I frightened him terribly on my first trip. I get the impression that he misses me when I’m on Earth.

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