August 13, 2003

The Trip to Varnastrama

My trip to Varnastrama yesterday was one of the most relaxing I’ve ever made. The Loar have been beaten back into the mountains of Northern Pennsylvania (On Varnastrama its known as Penn's Woods.). My family is well. Orchard Hill Villa is prosperous. Peaches are coming in full and juicy just as they are here, and the sweet corn is wonderful because of all the rain this summer.

As always, it was good to be in my prime once again - on Varnastrama I’m only 39 - and able to chop wood, run, and work in our orchards. I have none of the age related aches and pains I deal with here.

I enjoy catching up with my twin Isaac on Varnastrama - but more of that later. Someone’s ringing my doorbel. I must close down because I’m keeping this journal a secret from everyone at Pine Needle Retirement Home.

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