July 27, 2003

I have been reading over my entry for this past Friday, 07/25/03. I made Jim and Peter sound like evil Republican conservatives who hate my guts. They are not, and they do not. Nor do I hate them. I do not place them on the same level with Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft. We do have political differences, and these make us all angry at times. Peter is straight, but so much like my Peter in many ways that I can't help but feel affection for him. He knows I'm gay and he doesn't say anything to others in the home about that because I'm out to some residents and not to others. Old Millie Denkle, for instance, would walk the halls of “The Manor” putting curses on me at the top of her lungs, asking God to instantly transport me to hell. I’m sure she would drive the entire staff and all the residents mad (She does manage to do that on a daily basis.) Anyway, Journal, I had to get this off my caved in old chest.

Otherwise, this is a typical Sunday. I will drive to Orchard Hill to be with Ruth and her family this afternoon. We will have dinner, talk, and argue, as usual. I will return to "Prickly Manor" as I call it, and work on a drawing of the hunk who is on the cover of the current Advocate magazine issue (Scott Merritt). I read the article about him yesterday and it seems as though his life is almost as complicated as mine has been. Ah, so there is hope for the fellow to achieve a measure of calm based in rational thought instead of emotional tempest during his old age.

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