July 03, 2003

I am an 84 year old gay Amish artist living in the Pine Needle Retirement Home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In this journal I will detail my daily existence here on this Earth, as well as my life in Varnastrama, another parallel Universe in which Alexander the Great's conquest of the Indus river valley did not mark the end of his military career. In Varnastrama the Indus valley was later appropriated by the Roman Empire, which did not fall until the fifteenth century. Varnastrama is a world dominated by one gigantic but peaceful political entity, Panamereurasia. My wife, Rebecca, my two sons, Abraham and Joseph, and my daughter, Ruth all live in Varnastrama. Rebecca has not died as she has on this Earth. My life partner, Peter, also lives though in this universe he too is dead. Indeed, time plays differently on Varnastrama than it does on this Earth and we are all young there. It would be a much better place than Lancaster County, PA, but for the invasion of the Aloar. They are biped, gray in color, muscular, but strangely smooth beings from Archeturis five. They invaded Varnastrama in the year of Alexander 2489. The huge cigar shaped Aloar ships hung above the earth, like giant beetles of death, and the flashing chartreuse light of their death ray turned all the farms of Allah and Christ to ash . Most of the earth was covered in dark gray soot and remained hot to the touch for three months. The soil was poisoned and many of those who survived the death rays starved. Our palace at New Holland was burned to the ground by the ship's atomic death ray. The women were saved, however, because they had fled to the lowest basement levels. They lived underground for an entire year, eating grain and other food items from the old kitchen storage rooms. Peter and I, along with our entire regiment of Ksatriya (warriors) were captured and tortured for six months before we escaped. Yes, I will not deny that my life in Varnastrama has its difficulties, but I much prefer it to my dull life here at the Pine Needle Retirement Home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure what to make of our now 87 year old exAmish artist friend, SO...
I sent him an email in Amish. Not even Germans can understand it much!
The only way that he'll be able to understand it is if he's of Amish background OR if he's a genius like me and learned it.
Peace and Love!

5:25 AM  

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