July 29, 2003

Last night I had a nightmare about Varnastrama and woke up early and depressed. In the dream Peter and I were once again in the Loar ship. Both of us appeared to be in our 30’s, so I must have been reliving our first capture by the Loar. We were in an empty cavernous salmon colored metallic room. The walls seemed to both make and reflect light, and the floor was soft smooth and warm. I was naked, and I swear that floor felt like living flesh against my feet. Two of the Loar held me still and they caressed my arms and back. It felt like butterflies brushing against me. My skin tingled and I was at once repelled and stimulated sexually. I knew what was to come because I was watching them rape Peter. He lay on the floor about fifteen feet from me, his body writhing in pain and pleasure, loud groans escaping from his filled mouth. Two of the Loar had mounted him and - I don’t know what else to call it - they were inseminating him. I awoke, sitting up in bed covered with sweat.

I will devote an entire future entry, dear journal, to a thorough description of the Loar’s apparently parasitic sexuality.

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