August 14, 2003

Various Musings and a New Acronym, SGLBT

Perhaps I will detail the actual events of my trips to Varnastrama in a new journal, one in which I will endeavor to include much of the material from my past visits. These exist in the my written Varnastrama Journals, I, II, and III in the attic at Orchard Hill Farm. I wrote the originals on school composition notebooks after returning from my visits. If I do this, I will be killing two birds with one stone. First, by using them personally, I will be able to get the journals out of the professor’s hands. Second, I will be able to make a companion journal to this that elaborates on it and completes it.

It is important to me at my advanced age, to leave this record behind. Though quite healthy and robust to date, I am, nonetheless, an octogenarian, and a heart attack, stroke, or other physical calamity might possibly fell this knurled old carcass of mine before the sun rises tomorrow. I feel that these blogs add to the possibility that the record of my life both here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and on Varnastrama will be read by others. I want young glbt (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered) people to be able to read the record of my life, to know the struggles and triumphs I’ve had as a gay man. I want the heterosexual world to know and understand the many ways it constrains and limits both glbt people and heterosexual people because of this prejudice.

Just yesterday, at lunch, Jim said to me during a heated argument over the Supreme Court’s decision in the Lawrence v. Texas case, “I don’t care what you guys do in the privacy of your bedrooms, but I don’t want you to be able to be married. A man and a woman are married because of thousands of years of human history. The church and God have sanctified it.” It amazes me that Jim, or any heterosexual doesn’t see how that perverse belief prevents an entire segment of the population from forming families that can be recognized by society, having children, visiting one another at hospital death beds, inheriting the fruit of one another’s labor upon death, and much more. And, no, there is no evidence that glbt families make their children glbt. If that were the case, there would be no glbt people in the first place, since it would be impossible for a heterosexual family to create glbt children. Glbt people are the brothers and sisters, sons, and daughters, of heterosexual people. Heterosexuals did not create us. God did. He did not create glbt people to be ridiculed, separated, and persecuted by heterosexist people. He did make us in his own image, just as he made heterosexuals in his own image. It would seem that the face of God is many faceted, that it includes all things, and all possibilities. “Smile you’re on God’s many faceted camera.”

Ah, well - I’ve gone off on soapbox diatribe # 101. I’m just an old fart venting his spleen. By-the-way, it’s Okay for me to call myself an “old fart,” but young sglbt (straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered) persons better not. That’s another prejudice that gets me going. I can do an entire extended entry on Ageism, and at the appropriate opportunity, I will!

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