August 23, 2003

Thoughts about Anabaptists and glbt people

This past Tuesday, August 19th, I wrote about the Anabaptists being persecuted by the state. That started me to thinking about the current persecution of glbt people by the state. Just look at the way gay men had to fight to get the government to even look at HIV/AIDS as more than "a gay man's disease."

Sometimes it wonders me (to use a Dutch figure of speech that means “I am amazed”) that the greater culture is as parochial and just as closed (like a clam) as the Amish culture of my childhood. The Anabaptists were closed beccause of persecution by the state because they believed in the separation of church and state. As a result of the influx of Western European religious sects including the Mennonites and the Amish into the the thirteen original colonies the separation of church and state was written into the U.S.A. constitution. Freedom from persecution because of religious practice exists in the United States because of the wisdom of those men who wrote the constitution. Perhaps we should have the wisdom to put into the constitution an amendment that guarantees the separation of sexuality and state. Let each religion hash through its own position about glbt people, but this in no way should affect the way glbt people are treated by the state. Treatment of all persons no matter their sexual orientation must be the same.

Instead, we have GW asking for an amendment to the constitution that will codify prejudice against glbt people.

I see him as a frightening and frightened pompous little man. I’m amazed that I am so alone in this perception.

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