August 16, 2003

I Learn Some HTML and How to Make Links

I've taken a break from my usual diurnal rantings because I'm trying to learn more about blogging so that I can make my entries more interesting. It seems that any subject is appropriate for blogging; "My Camping Trip to the Sandia Mountains," or "My Friends Can Be Idiots," or "Conversations with Charlie." Still, most blogs are much more complex than these titles would indicate and are almost a stream of consciousness that includes all things to do with a person or persons life/lives. I'm going to try to use this entry to learn how to make links to other blogs and sites so that I can do so when these are appropriate to a particular topic about which I am writing. If it doesn't work, I shall remove it and you shall never know it existed. If it works, well...

This is one of the best blogs I've found that helps me to find other blogs by subject and/or key words. Its the Eatonweb Portal. I understand its been around since 1999. While searching the Eatonweb Portal I found "Live on Dollar Avenue" which is about two guys and their lives together. I know I will revisit "Dollar Avenue" again and again. Still another "Overemphasized" is by a young gay guy and has a timely entry covering the blackout in NYC from a personal viewpoint (He was trapped in the subway.).

Now that I've accomplished my practice work, I shall get back to the usual diatribes tomorrow or the next day.


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