August 22, 2003

Nothing Remarkable

"I'm bored." How often have I heard that statement? If I had a nickle for each time, I'd be, if not rich, at least comfortable. Usually it means the individual who utters "I'm bored," is being lazy. Well, I guess I'm being lazy. Can't find anything that interests me the last few days. I hope I'm not coming down with anything, though probably I just have a case of "the frustrations." Ruth and the professor are driving me mad. They took my volume I of "The Varnastrama Journals" Wednesday. I'd gone to Orchard Hill Farms and taken it for my own personal use a couple of weeks ago. After all, it is mine! They came in while I was at my music lesson - I'm learning to play piano - and took the darned thing.

If I weren't bored, I'd be angry!

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