September 23, 2003

Summing up Love, Spirituality, and Sex

The work of these artists demonstrate that I am not alone in creating art that deals with human sexuality However, my work takes a trajectory that is inclusive of many of the issues these artists deal with individually. In Varnastrama, my alternalte reality, sexuality includes spiritual eroticism as well as the very real human propensity for pan sexuality (the ability to have sexual partners of various sexual orientations). In my art work as demonstrated through my journals and The Silver Man Performances sexuality is dependent on the time and place in which one lives. The silver man also demonstrates that gender roles are assigned since his/her sex is not visible. In my life and art, sexuality, love, and spirituality are intimately related and none of them can not be placed in opposition to one another.

I will write about opposition and our dependence on it in Western thought one of these days.

Rain Again!

Well, First Isabel blew through and knocked over 400 trees into power lines around the county. Some schools are still closed. Then the National Weather Service said it would be sunny for a week.

Surprise, they were wrong!

It poured all last night. It’s still raining this morning, and the roof in my living room is leaking. I'v got a big pot and a bucket sitting in one corner and I had to move two chiars across the room. Later I’ll have breakfast in the main dining room instead of here in the apartment and I’ll hunt for one of the maintenance guys when I go. I also need to check with my neighbor, Myrtle, to see if the ceiling in her livingroom is leaking since it is next to mine. I think THE BIG NEEDLE is built out of cardboard and papier mache.

Have a lovely day, Cyber Void.

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