October 05, 2003

Ruth’s Threat

Ruth and the professor’s visit last evening was because I had borrowed my own journal from my own studio. The professor said that he had to have the journal back in order to photograph it digitally, page by page. I said that I still needed it this week to help me with one or two blog entries.

Ruth replied, “You need that journal for some silly old Internet gossip, e-mail kind of thing but the professor needs it to document your life. What’s wrong with this picture, Dad?”

Of course, I said that this silly old internet thing was just as important as anything the professor is doing even though I have no proof that I’m not just doing a variation on Borges “Library,” and sending my heart and soul into the cyber void to be dissolved into meaningless nothing.

We went round and round until, finally, Ruth said that if I didn’t return the journal she would lock me out of Orchard Hill Farm.

I love it! My own house and my own daughter is going to lock me out. The only reason I let Ruth and James move in was because the farm had gotten to be too much for me to take care of. And, to be honest, since Rebecca died, I didn’t really have the interest.

How short sighted!

But, I did give the journal to the professor with the understanding that I will get it back next week.

On a brighter note...
I found a new web site.

Well, it’s new to me dear Journal. It’s the Gay Artist’s Galleries. I cruised around on it for a time last evening, and found my favorite gay aritist couple, Pierre and Gilles. Here’s an example of their work from the web site. Just a bit of strange eye candy.

No Weapons of Mass Destruction

According to an AOL pole, 53% of Americans think that no weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq. It amazes me that 36% still think that they will be found! GW lied! Get used to it America! I still worry that the CIA will plant some out in the desert.

I watched GW’s speech the other day while walking on the treadmill at the health club. I didn’t turn the sound on because I didn’t want to listen to more BS. The visual by itself was horrifying because his facial expressions and body language were frightening! The man looked positively evil! Don’t let him go out Halloween night. He’ll frighten all the trick-or-treaters! On second thought...

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