October 01, 2003

Darn! It’s Cold

All us old folk here at THE BIG NEEDLE (Pine Needle Retirement Home) are talking about the weather. So what’s new? Well, it feels like the end of October, not the beginning. Myrtle said yesterday, “If it’s this cold now, what’s it gunna be like in January?” I don’t want to think about it. I’m ready to move South.

Comment on my last Entry and the Coined Term "Cyber Void"

Octavio Paz, in Apariencia Desnuda: La obra de Marcel Duchamp, states the following.

Como llamar a esta dimension que consiste en la reabsorcion de todas las dimensiones en un vacio que hubiera hecho sonreir de beatitud al mismo Buddha? ...encontramos un linea diagonal que se transforma en vertical. Una verdadera varita magica que hace desaparecer todo lo que la rodea hasta que ella misma, reducida a un estado unidimensional. gira, da una pirueta mas-- y desaparece.

Paz’ Spanish is more sonorous than my English translation that follows.

What to name this dimension that consists of the reabsorption of all dimensions into a vacuum that might have made the Buddha smile beatifically? ...we encounter a diagonal that turns itself into a vertical. A magical variety of truth that causes everything through which it turns to disappear until all is the
same, reduced to a uni-dimensional state. It turns one more pirouette, and vanishes.

It is all so slippery!

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