October 03, 2003

Another Comment about the “Cyber Void”(CV)

This CV is likeJorge Luis Borges “The Library of Babel” from Ficciones in which a library made up of an infinite number of rooms is filled with books composed with meaningless combinations of letters floating in an infinite empty void.

It’s sort of like the sound of one hand clapping.

My Search for Gay and Lesbian Retirement homes

I’ve turned up one retirement community near Sarasota, Forida, the “Palms of Manasota.” I may drive down to visit in October. I’ve sent for literature and I’ll write more after I’ve read about it.

The Professor, Again!

Ruth phoned to tell me that she and the professor are coming to visit this evening, during the dinner hour no less. So, I’ll have to make my own dinner here in the apartment. I’m worried, and I wonder what this visit is about, because whenever it involves the professor, it’s bad news. I did take another volume of my journal from Sanctuary last week. Perhaps they are coming to get it back.

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