October 10, 2003

Things I did Thursday, October 9, 2003

    1. got up at 6:30 AM
    2. had breakfast in the BIG NEEDLE dining room
    3. did arts and crafts
    (We made popsickle stick bird houses.)

    4. had lunch at 12:00 precisely
    5. at 1:00 PM the podiatrist trimmed my nails
    6. took a nap at about 2:00 PM
    7. got up and took Myrtle, Jim, and Peter for a drive - about 3:30 PM
    8. ate supper in the BIG NEEDLE dining room - 5:00 PM
    9. watched Moulin Rouge on the DVD player alone in my apartment about 7:00 PM
    10. now I’m going to bed and it’s about 10:00 PM

What an exciting day!

Just to clarify things. I didn’t make a popsickle stick bird house myself yesterday. Instead, I helped others with theirs. It just sort of evolved. I went to the class last year for the first time to see what it was like and found that most of what they make is just too easy. Even though I shake a little, I still exercise every day, and take long walks. I’m actually in great physical shape for my age. So, I found it was more fun to help others that were having trouble making the projects than to make them myself. I work with people like Henry who has Alzheimers and I thank God while I’m doing it that I don’t have that horribly debilitating disease.

Scott Merritt Drawing

I got an e-mail from Scott. Isn’t that “cool!” He wants to see the work when its done. But, I’ve thrown 3 drawings away because it’s so obvious I’ve copied the photo from the cover of the August 19th issue of TheAdvocate magazine. So, instead, I’ve taken a digital photo of the cover. A friend of mine, Tim, has a large format printer, and I’ve made several 16 by 21 inch prints from the photo. I’m painting into them with watercolor and drawing over top of them. The ink jet printer ink bleeds just like watercolor and I’m getting some interesting effects. I’m making a shambles of my living room. Watercolor tubes are scattered over the coffee table. There are several of the large prints on my couch. Markers, tubs of water, and brushes are scattered over the table in the dining alcove. I’ve also been trying out some gold leafing on the mixed media works and the gold leaf mucilage and foil are on the table next to my big chair (the one I watch TV from). If these mixed media pieces don’t work out, I guess I could e-mail Scott and ask if he has other photographs that I might work with.

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