October 14, 2003

Flu Bug Bites

Sorry I ignored you for a while, dear journal. I had an awful cold, headache, and stomach mess the past several days. I ran a temperature 102 F over the weekend. It felt as though someone beat me with a large stick all over. Every joint hurt. What a mess? I’m still weak, but feeling much better, thank you. The double entendre in the title of this section is intentional.

What’s She Up To Now?

Ruth fussed like a mother hen, cluck clucking about the apartment, fussing, and generally being in the way since I just wanted to be left alone. She insisted on putting all my art supplies back into my chest of drawers in the bedroom. After two days of total maniacal obsessive compulsive upset she got the doctor to come and see me here in the apartment. He informed her that I would live and she finally went home. I can’t help wondering if she’s feeling guilty about something.

I can’t find the mixed media works of Scott Merritt

But, I’m still too weak to comb through the apartment just now. “I’ll think about that tomorrow,” said Scarlet.

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