October 18, 2003

Political Sense?

More Commentary on the California Recall Election

I don't pretend to always understand why we do things as an electorate. However, in this case, I don't think it's too hard to figure.

Many pundits seem to believe that predominately democrat California elected Republican movie star Arnold Schwartzenegger as governor because "The People" were upset with democrat Gray Davis for running the state into financial ruin. However, he did not. Instead, we are all in the midst of a major recession, California included. California's problem was created in part because of huge financial expenditures for electricity. Does ENRON ring a bell? California is, as we all are to a lessor extent, caught between the electric companies, Federal undersight of practice, the lack of new power production facilities, and the absence of new research for, and production of alternative power sources. Of course the people of California don't want power plants in their backyards. But, they do want a movie star governor of German origin who was apparently enamored of Hitler as a youth.

A Republican friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) is suggesting that something like the Republican conversion of the South is taking place in California. However, as much as I love the South - I have Southern family - I believe that Southern conversion from Democrat to Republican in the 1960's took place because white southerners saw that the Democrat Party had become the party of the common man including blacks. We lost our middle class white base in the South because of prejudice - prejudice that still exists though it is politically incorrect to express it. The menagerie of Democrat candidates are all fond of saying that the electorate can not be fooled, that voters are smarter than the Republican party gives us credit for. I wonder then, how did we become convinced that Mr. Bush won the last election when he did not? And, how does the greatest part of the population of California become foolish enough to elect this muscle-man-motion-picture-image of a half man, half robot as governor?

Might there be subtext here? What might that subtext be? I leave that for future discussion.

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