October 30, 2003

Mel’s new Passion

The film is stirring up passion left and right! Just what we need - another crusade. I guess he’ll make his 25 million investment back. I’d rather see The Last Temptation of Christ again.

There’s Nary a Headline Anywhere!

So, I’ll write one.

35 Killed in Suicide Bombings in Baghdad!

Twelve of the thirty-five killed were at the Red Cross. The Red Cross is pulling staff out, but will continue to operate on a reduced basis. Who can blame them. Because of the continued violence in post war Iraq, other agencies have pulled out altogether or have drastic cut back plans.

It is time to take a look at what we are doing wrong in this fight against terrorism on foreign soil. Of course, that’s other than the fact that we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. However, we’ve blown the place up and as outsiders we do not seem to have a grasp of the local terrain, physical and otherwise. We must ask Iraq citizens for help. We should be calling back former army personnel and bringing them into service. Many of them are unemployable since the war because their expertise is not needed in an Iraq run by the United States Armed Services. Why not employ them. If they haven’t run off to join the Baathists by now, they’re not going to. Let’s employ Iraqis to help sniff out the local Baathist, and foreign insurgents who are trying to destroy reconstruction efforts. Let’s spell it out for Mr. Bush.

1. Iraq’s citizens speak the local language and hardly any of us do. Have we bothered to learn it? (That’s a rhetorical question Mr. President.)

2. A citizen of Iraq is able to recognize a foreigner immediately. Our personnel can’t, primarily because we are foreigners.

3. A former Iraq military intelligence person knows more about the capabilities of terrorists from within Iraq and the surrounding nations than our personnel do.

4. We need more trained military personnel on the streets of Baghdad. And, They are there, unemployed, their families getting hungrier every day. Use them! You have only their economy to improve!

These 4 reasons should be enough. However, a huge list would be fun. Anybody from the cyber void (CV)care to e-mail me with more ammunition? (And, please Mr. Ashcroft, if your men are checking blogs and you stumble on this unimportant blather of an old gay man, don’t ascribe any more meaning to the word “ammunition” than is intended.)

Central Pennsylvania is a chilly and damp quagmire.

I know I could not live in Seattle with 300 cloudy days a year. This weather is driving me MAD!

Birthday Party for Myrtle

We had a huge birthday bash for Myrtle yesterday, complete with cake and alcoholic beverages. The bar was only opened for about an hour. But, I was able to get two watered down scotch’s and soda. Myrtle is 90. How about that. If I were straight I might go for her. She doesn’t bump into walls. No, on second thought - she’s too much of a gossip. Of course Myrtle’s party was nothing like L. Dennis Koslowski’s (former Tyco CEO) 2 million dollar party for his wife Karen’s 40th Birthday in June 2001. We didn’t even have any almost naked men dancing on pedastals, darn it!

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