October 14, 2004

Who Won the Presidential Debates?

Does it matter? Of course it does. However, as long as George W. Bush or any Republican can use the term “Liberal” as a dirty word, no Democrat has won anything. In last night’s debate President Bush (Oh, I’m being so good.) used “left” as the pejorative, saying that John Kerry was far left of Ted Kennedy, in one instance. Left is probably Carl Rove’s choice of wording since I doubt that Mr. Bush has the presence of mind to use that term over and above the word, “liberal.”

You see, in the West, we tend to think in terms of opposition, good versus bad, black versus white, day versus night, male versus female, straight versus gay, right versus wrong. In a universe of opposites, one of the pair is always weaker than the other. There are never other positions. There is always a winner and a loser. In such a universe, left is always the dark side of right. Well, actuality is a bit more complicated than that.

In this particular case, left equals liberal. Never mind that women vote in our country because millions of liberal minded women, and men, I might add, fought for that right. Never mind that two-hundred-twenty-eight years ago it was liberal minded men and women that fought for freedom from an oppressive king in England. Never mind that ever since the colonies were founded liberal minded men and women from all over the world have fled to our country in order to have the right to practice their own religious beliefs. The notion of a democracy was and still is one of the most astounding liberal thoughts mankind has expressed. This country is founded on liberal principals, and the most important of these is the idea that all men are created equal. Thus, men and women left of center demand that no constitutional ammendments be passed limiting the rights of an entire class of American citizens. Our position is not only the correct liberal position, it is the only RIGHT position.

It is time liberal Democrats stood up and said. Yes, we are liberal. Our God is a liberal. Men prescribe devisive and destructive negative politics. God does not.

Damn it, John Kerry. Say it. “ I’m proud to be a liberal Christian American!”

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