September 03, 2004

Ding, Dong; The Mean Spirited Republican Convention Is Over!

And, lest anyone should forget, beneath all that nastiness there is also the odious Republican Party platform that includes the proposal for a constitutional amendment that would classify over 10 million gay and lesbian Americans as second class citizens without the rights of our heterosexual brothers and sisters to marry in order to protect our partners and children in sickness, health, and death. Additionally that same platform would limit the rights of all women, roughly half our population to choose between life and death for themselves or their fetus. If the state prescribes that decision for women, does it not classify them as second class citizens as well. Why not require all male citizens to be made incapable of impregnating women until married?


Isaac’s Twenty-first century, American Creed

I believe that God in his/her infinite majesty gives the nod to woman as being superior to man since it is she who carries the fetus. Thus, woman is the future of mankind. And, I believe that God, being infinite, chooses to give woman control over her own God given, and therefore celestial body, rather than the terrestrial state.

God bless us all, each, and every one!

* “The Raphael Logia,” Christus Rex Web Site, Michael Oteanu, MS, “ (September 3, 2004, 10:28 AM EDT.)

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