September 17, 2004

Over One Thousand Americans Dead in Iraq War

In the attack on the insurgent controlled city of Falluja on Wednesday last week 12 more Iraqis were killed, including two women and a child. The provisional government has lost control over Falluja, Samarra, and Ramadi, and experts warn of civil war in Iraq. *

Our president, Mr. Bush has created a disastrous situation in the Arab East, and the figures show he is ahead of John Kerry as the number one choice of Americans for president of this republic!

On the domestic front, a second Bush presidency means a totally conservative, and religious right dominated court system. Under such circumstances two amendments to the constitution of the United States of America are not hard to visualize; one making gay and lesbian people second class citizens, and the second making all women second class citizens. An amendment against choice does that exact thing.

Story about Prejudice

A young man visits me periodically hear at “The Big Needle.” I say young, he’s in his 60’s, so in our culture that makes him old, and me -- I’m a mummy. Be that as it may, this YOUNG man who lives in the city of Lancaster itself -- both county and county seat are “Lancaster,” remember -- told me about a situation that is an exemplar of the heterosexist prejudice that permeates this culture and about which heterosexuals are for the most part unaware. They are unaware because they are it. It seems this YOUNG man’s next door neighbor died. His long time companion of 15 years upon trying to make arrangements to publish his mate’s obituary was told the paper would not call them long time companions, companions, mates, or partners. However, once pressed (no pun intended) the newspaper spokesperson admitted that if one partner in an unmarried heterosexual relationship dies, the surviving partner may be called his or her companion. The story does have a happy ending. I saw the obituary published in the paper last week and it did name the two as companions. However, the upshot is that the Lancaster papers are now going to charge people to place obituaries as they do advertisements. Thus, they will not be able to be criticized for anything people pay to say.

Mr. Bush would constitutionalize such prejudice!

*Hamza Hendawi, “U. S. Forces Pound Hideouts in Fallujah,” AOL News,, updated September 9, 2004, 5:24 AM EDT. (September 9, 2004, 6:27 AM EDT)

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