October 03, 2004

The Fall Flue Bug Bites


I haven’t been writing, dear journal. I promise I will surpass my past entries as soon as I’m feeling better. I am so looking forward to getting back into my writer’s harness and galloping off into old man journaling mania.

I forced myself to stay up to watch the Presidential debate Thursday night, and between runs to the bathroom I got the sense Senator Kerry was demonstrating that he is consistent, dignified, and more presidential than the President.

There, I did it. I broke down and called Mr. Bush “the President.” I will try to be more dignified in my response to the man. I know I’ve made that promise before, but, honest, I mean it this time. Still, I don’t understand how Kerry remains 4 to 8 points behind the President in the polls.

And, Nader’s campaigning in the swing states.
Oh, that he would just disolve into a dew!

It’s so DAMN frustrating!

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