November 17, 2004

God and the Moral High Ground: Part II

Continued from Sunday, November 14, 2004

I make an argument that the Democratic Party, the party of diversity possesses the moral high ground. Additionally, I claim that the Republican Party is owned by the the evangelicals, and that any Republican who believes in the former political and social values of that party must disassociate himself or herself from this neo conservative Republican party dominated by “scapegoating” and by Calvinist religious values based in prejudice against women, people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered peoples.


In Marinucci’s article Leon Panetta is quoted as stating that it is necessary to get the Democratic South and Midwest back from the Republican Party in order to win congressional, senatorial seats, and the presidency for the Democratic Party in some fogeyish orthodox future. It seems that we are to forget the primary reason behind the South‘s conversion to the Republican party during the second half of the Twentieth Century, racial prejudice. However, those turbulent years that saw our schools desegregated by law were also the years that moved the vast majority of Southern Democrats to leave the party. They left the Democratic Party because it was Martin Luther King of course who created and mustered the movement of liberal Democrats, black and white, who spearheaded the fight against Jim Crow and segregation. Quite frankly, standing on moral high ground, I don’t want those folks back, unless they and their offspring are able to be more tolerant and accepting of people who’s skin happens to be a different shade of flesh color. And, yes I chose the word “flesh” for a reason. It is all human flesh, whether it happens to be deep dark mahogany, brown, tan, pink, yellow, or any variation thereof.

As a senior gay man whose family is struggling to accept his sexuality, I oppose the Evangelical idea that God created gays, but hates our sexuality. I see the false morality of “family values” as divisive and destructive of the family unit. There are Evangelical Christian families, Roman Catholic families of many ethnicities, black Christian and Muslim families, Eastern Rite and Orthodox families of many ethnicities, Jewish families of many ethnicities, Muslim families af various races and ethnicities, Budhist families, gay and lesbian families of many ethnicities and faiths. The list is endlist. We, all of us, are God’s children. He created us in various shades of color, ethnicity, sexuality, religious practice, and belief systems because he created an extraordinarily varied universe.

God created us and wrote the Bible, the Koran, and the other great religious books through men because he/she expected variation. God is quite literally all the things and creatures of the universe, all time and space put together as one. He/she has not chosen any one people or person, reborn, or otherwise as the residence and the epitome of his/her raison d’etre for creating/being the universe. Instead, we are all a part of it. There are no "Family Values," but those values that support all families. Any practice that tries to separate us into various camps is itself, against God and mankind. The Republican Right, religious or otherwise has no moral high ground. Instead, they have constructed a false morality that causes and maintains the separation of various faiths, ethnicities, races, sexualities, and the two sexes, into hostile camps. Instead they have created a Postmodern theocracy that has blured the lines between church and state. Instead, they have created and maintaine a neo-conservative view of the world that allows the United States of America, bastion of freedom, to invade foreign nations under the gise of false “liberty,” thus becoming the largest most powerful rogue nation in the world. Instead, our nation is killing men, women and children in Iraq even as I write these words.

No, I don’t want my party, the Democratic Party, to give up its moral high ground because Christian Evangelicals say the world must conform to their evil and divisive version of this nation, and God’s good Earth.

* Aaron M. Bernstein,“Where does the donkey come from?” The Liberal at Large,, June 1999, Saturday, November 13, 2004, 10:41 AM EST.
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